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Hello everyone, welcome to my story blog, e l l a - e n c h a n t e d. My name is Ella, some of you may know me from my other blog Art Angel. I am a Christian and a Filipino. I have a passion for all things Asian and a love for good food. My pastimes include reading, writing, watching, and learning new languages.
This site has been inspired by Pheb's Story blog and is similar in set up. It's 3 major function is to p r o m o t e my fanfics, s h a r e ideas for new stories, and g a i n constructive criticism for my works. Once I've uploaded the majority of the links, I'm also planning to add another section, where original and innovative fanfics, posters, and trailers will be posted. Also, I would like to acknowledge velvet-sky for sharing this amazing blogskin! Thank you all for visiting and hope to see you guys again.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Tuesday, 18 August 2009
Saved By An Angel - rgpponci

Story Title: Saved By An Angel
Author: rgpponci
URL: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/rgpponci02/
Reviewed by: hanichan32319 @ Lost Shadows
Title: 5/5
The title is so perfect for the story! It’s simple yet unique. I loved it!

Poster/Background: 10/10
Again, you get a perfect score because the poster is awesome and it matches the storyline. Also, the background is light, making it easier on the eyes when reading a fic. Good job!

Forewords: 4/5
Originally, you would get a four out of five, but you used a quote from one of my favorite books that goes well with your forewords! You also posted the trailers and other posters for your story, as well as advertising. To me, it’s best to put things like that in the forewords and not interrupt the flow of the story with an author’s note.

Plot: 14/15
You don’t see many stories out there like this one.

Flow: 10/10
The flow is perfect, neither too fast or slow.

Spelling/Grammar/Vocabulary: 13/15
You have an amazing and extended vocabulary. There are some punctuation errors (watch your quotations marks!) and you made some small, common grammatical errors, but other than that, no mistakes made things difficult for me to read.

One small note: I like your use of Japanese sayings and phrases, and the fact that you included a legend at the bottom to help readers. Two thumbs way, way up!

Characterization: 8/10
Perhaps you could have put in more of a background story for your characters, but everything was fine without it.

Originality: 10/10
Can you say “stupidly original?” Go on, say it. Say it loud and proud.

Writing style: 9/10
Your writing style was absolutely fine, although your use of single quotations for dialogue confused me a little. I’m not used to that! ^^

Overall enjoyment: 9/10
I’ll admit, there were some parts where I was like, “Um, how old are these characters again?” but other than that, a wonderful story indeed. You had me hooked with the Peter Pan quote and you make me want more. I give you my promise that I will look out for anymore of your stories!

Overall score: 92/100

Good luck on any of your future fics, dearie! Bai

11:19 AM

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