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Hello everyone, welcome to my story blog, e l l a - e n c h a n t e d. My name is Ella, some of you may know me from my other blog Art Angel. I am a Christian and a Filipino. I have a passion for all things Asian and a love for good food. My pastimes include reading, writing, watching, and learning new languages.
This site has been inspired by Pheb's Story blog and is similar in set up. It's 3 major function is to p r o m o t e my fanfics, s h a r e ideas for new stories, and g a i n constructive criticism for my works. Once I've uploaded the majority of the links, I'm also planning to add another section, where original and innovative fanfics, posters, and trailers will be posted. Also, I would like to acknowledge velvet-sky for sharing this amazing blogskin! Thank you all for visiting and hope to see you guys again.

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Title: X I I
Genre: Apocalyptic, Supernatural, Mystery, Thriller, Action, Romance

The Prophecy
Born of destruction, the Ram carries strength.
One with earth, the Bull is.
Gifted twice, the Twins will be.
With a touch, the Crab heals.
And with fiery passion, Leo leads.

The Virgin is nature’s beloved,
While the Scale is men’s enemy.
Hades applauds the Scorpion,
As Archer mocks the winds.

Mighty is the Goat’s hand,
But deadly is the Bearer’s mind.
Last comes the Fish, whose powers bring revival.
When these Twelve come, a new dawn will rise.

For Twelve will rise,
Twelve will fall,
And Twelve will rise again.
When the Twins crosses paths with the Ram,
It will mark the beginning of the end.

The Cast
Oguri Shun
Oguri Shun was born into a traditional Japanese family but because his birth was marked by a bad omen he was treated as an outcast. As such, he grew up filled with anger and would often get into fights. One day, he blanks out during a fight and awoke in a valley filled with unconscious bodies and a stranger standing in front of him. What happened and who was this stranger?

Hankyung always had a special affinity with animals. From a young age he was set aside and prepared to assume the role of Taurus’ chosen one. But while searching for other chosen ones, he meets a distant cousin who has also been prepared for the role. If Hankyung is the chosen one, who then is this girl who claims to be so?

Horikita Maki
Horikita Maki has always known she was to carry the mantle of Taurus. Her family trained her well and is finally sending her to a distant relative to learn more about the prophecy. But when she arrives, she meets her cousin who also has the abilities of the earth. How can there be two chosen one?

Erika Toda
Erika Toda was supposed to be a part of a set of twins but her mother had a miscarriage causing her twin brother to be stillborn. However, her brother’s spirit remained. She was the only one who could see him, who could talk to him. Not only him, but other spirits as well.

Hiro Mizushima
Hiro Mizushima is the twin brother of Erika Toda. Despite being dead he finds himself seeing vision of the future. One day he dreams about a series of events that marked the end of the world. Hiro refuses to believe it, but what if one by one his visions become reality?

Han Hyo Joo
Han Hyo Joo is a regular school girl. During an accident, she discovers that she has a special power. Following the discovery, she is approached by Hankyung who explains to her that she is one of the chosen ones prophesied long ago. What’s a girl to do when she finds she has the power to change the world?

Jung Yunho
Jung Yunho is Han Hyo Joo’s childhood friend. On the day that Han Hyo Joo discovers her powers, Yunho discovers his. Together with Hyo Joo, he is taken to Hankyung’s residence and is told of the prophecy. Yunho wants nothing to do with it or his power but he will soon realize that destiny has more in store for him.

Shu Qi
Highly skilled and intelligent, Shu Qi is a beautiful yet mysterious person who seems to know everyone and everything. Who exactly is this person and what does she have to do with the prophecy?

Lee Jun ki
Lee Jun ki was on duty one day when he gets ambushed by an unknown attacker. Who attacked him? And why?

Joo Ji Hoon
Not much is know about Joo Ji Hoon, who he is, where he came from or what he does. He appeared mysteriously and disappears in the same manner. What role does he play in the prophecy?

Aya Ueto
A carefree girl whose only care is living in the now, but that all changes when she meets Nicholas Tse, a serious young man who puts honour and duty above all else.

Nicholas Tse
Nicholas Tse used to work in the same organization as Shu Qi. But when the same institution he believed in becomes corrupted by power he starts to question everything he’s ever worked for.

Park Yoochun
A time traveller. When he journeys to the past he meets a girl like no other and falls in love. Back in the present he looks up the girl again but all trace of her existence has disappeared. Did she even exist in the first place?

Lee Yeonhee
She awoke surrounded by unfamiliar faces. She awoke not knowing who she was or where she was. They called her Lee Yeonhee, but who was Lee Yeonhee?

Twelve individuals will be called upon. Twelve lives will be intertwined. Each, will have the power to change the world.

4:44 PM

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