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Hello everyone, welcome to my story blog, e l l a - e n c h a n t e d. My name is Ella, some of you may know me from my other blog Art Angel. I am a Christian and a Filipino. I have a passion for all things Asian and a love for good food. My pastimes include reading, writing, watching, and learning new languages.
This site has been inspired by Pheb's Story blog and is similar in set up. It's 3 major function is to p r o m o t e my fanfics, s h a r e ideas for new stories, and g a i n constructive criticism for my works. Once I've uploaded the majority of the links, I'm also planning to add another section, where original and innovative fanfics, posters, and trailers will be posted. Also, I would like to acknowledge velvet-sky for sharing this amazing blogskin! Thank you all for visiting and hope to see you guys again.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Title: 25 Million
Artist(s): Hankyung, Lee Yeonhee, Choi Siwon
Erika Toda, Oguri Shun, Matsuda Shota
Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P.), Sandara Park, Aya Ueto
Genre: Thriller/Suspense, Action, Romance, slightly rated
Theme Song: 25 Million by Edward Chun
Tagline: What would you do for 25 million?
Short summary: When a price has been set on the head of rich business tycoon (Choi Siwon), it becomes an all out war of deception, lust and greed.
Long summary: There are three main plots to this story: Hankyung/Yeonhee/Siwon’s story, Erika/Shun/Shota’s story, and, T.O.P./Sandara/Aya’s story.

***Spoiler Alert***

Hankyung, Yeonhee, and Siwon’s Story
When the police are tipped off about a possible assassination attempt on Choi Siwon, one of Seoul’s richest businessmen, Hankyung is assigned to protect him. At the same time, Choi Siwon runs into a beautiful girl by accident. Though their meeting was brief, Siwon could not get the image of the girl away from his mind. On that same day he meets Hankyung’s girlfriend who turns out to be the same girl, Lee Yeonhee. As Siwon works with Hankyung, he gets the opportunity to spend more and more time with Yeonhee and as he does, he begins to fall for her. Despite seeing her love for Hankyung, he begins to pursue her behind Hankyung’s back. When Yeonhee continues to resist his advances, desperation and lust slowly drives Siwon mad. Upon finding out that Hankyung has a terminal disease which required a treatment of appropriately 25 million, he offers Yeonhee a deal: One night with her for 25 million dollars.

Erika, Shun, and Shota’s Story
Though Matsuda Shota and Oguri Shun are the heirs of rival gangs they are as close as brothers, that is, until they fell in love with the same girl. Erika Toda is a sweet and kind girl who arrives from Seoul and becomes friends with them. However, when they realize their love for the same girl, neither Shun nor Shota is willing to give her up and both become enemies. This pleases their fathers to no end who had always been against their friendship and they begin manipulating Shun’s and Shota’s hatred. Erika is pained to see her two friends acting like enemies and tries to reconcile them but to no avail. Soon news about the price on Siwon’s head reaches Shun and Shota and seeing Erika hurting by their actions, they decide to use the opportunity to settle everything once and for all.
But what starts as a rivalry for love quickly becomes a battle for power and money as bitterness grows and lives are staked.

Note: The gangs Shun and Shota are involved in are not merely street gangs but are like the Japanese yakuza, an organized crime syndicate.

T.O.P, Sandara, and Aya’s Story
Choi Seunghyun is a mercenary. For the right price he will steal and kill anything or anyone. But how exactly did Seunghyun become T.O.P the mercenary? Aya Ueto is a hostess in a Japanese club and she becomes very intrigued when T.O.P comes to visit one night. Slowly she learns of Seunghyun’s past, memories that made him the way he was now, and it revolved a lot on a girl named Sandara Park. As Aya comes to know the gentle and compassionate man behind the façade, she begins to fall for him. But just when Aya realizes she’s fallen for him, Seunghyun leaves her for a new mission, the assassination of Seoul businessman, Choi Siwon. Heartbroken, Aya decides to forget him, but can she really? And who exactly is Sandara Park? Amongst all of these, Seunghyun’s new mission brings up a forgotten past.

Are these truly three separate stories or is there an underlying connection that brings these individuals together?

2:28 PM

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