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This site has been inspired by Pheb's Story blog and is similar in set up. It's 3 major function is to p r o m o t e my fanfics, s h a r e ideas for new stories, and g a i n constructive criticism for my works. Once I've uploaded the majority of the links, I'm also planning to add another section, where original and innovative fanfics, posters, and trailers will be posted. Also, I would like to acknowledge velvet-sky for sharing this amazing blogskin! Thank you all for visiting and hope to see you guys again.

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Title: Be Your Girl!
Horikita Maki (Kyoko Mogami)
Hayami Mokomichi (Ren Tsuruga)
Jung Yunho (Sho Fuwa)
Kuroki Meisa (Kanae Kotonami)
Tang Yu Zhe (Yukihito Yashiro)
Mikami Hiroshi (Lory Takarada)

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Summary: This is a Skipbeat! adaptation. Maki and Yunho grew up together and Maki has always idolized Yunho. So when Yunho leaves Korea for Japan, Maki follows him only to be used as a stepping stone by Yunho. But Maki wasn’t just going to be trampled on quietly. she plans to take revenge by entering the entertainment industry and beating Yunho at his own game. As she enters showbiz, all sorts of comedic mishaps arise especially when she encounters Japan’s top actor, Hayami Mokomichi.

Character Description:
Horikita Maki (Kyoko Mogami) Maki grew up in Korea with her childhood friend, Yunho. As a child, she has always been an energetic girl despite the problems she faced. She follows Yunho to Japan only to have him leave her when he becomes an idol. Abandoned, Maki plans her revenge on Yunho by joining showbiz.

Hayami Mokomichi (Ren Tsuruga) Asias hottest actor takes an instant dislike to Maki when he finds out her motive for becoming an actress. However, as he continues to spend more time with her, the bond of his past slowly begins to unravel.

Jung Yunho (Sho Fuwa) An upcoming pop star and childhood friend of Maki. He brings Maki with him to Japan but dumps her when he achieved stardom. He has a competitive streak in him which causes him to dislike Hayami, a popular actor.

Kuroki Meisa (Kanae Kotonami) A talented actress who is befriended by a persistent Maki.

Tang Yu Zhe (Yukihito Yashiro) Hayamis friend. He is an actor from Taiwan who believes that Maki and Mokomichi are the perfect couple.

Mikami Hiroshi (Lory Takarada) The president of Ken-On Group, he is very passionate about showbiz and loves to dress up in different roles.

Theme Song - Be Your Girl by Chieko Kawabe

I might change the minor characters.

12:48 PM

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